Decaf Black ‘Playground of Darkness’ LP & 3 Accompanying Visuals

Vetted Hip Hop artist representing NY, Decaf Black announces the release of his new album ‘Playground of Darkness.’ The album features Nikki Black, Kaity, and on production Sha-Rec Music, LyteHeadStudios, and Supreme Da Almighty. The album is out now on all streaming platforms.

Watch “What You Say?” which is the lead single off the album and features Decaf Black’s wife, Nikki Black.

During a time the world is moving towards a sense of normalcy, Decaf Black has been locked in the studio finishing up the final touches of the album as well as three accompanying visuals. If you’re familiar with Black, you know he’s famed for his bold lyrics and raw energy, which is displayed throughout the entire album. Gritty, boom-bap melodies intensify his raw emotions and give audiences something to grip on. Stream ‘Playground of Darkness’ which can be noted as Black’s lyrical memoir, and connect with him below.


Watch the video for “Reflection” which is one of the more intense tracks off the album, but relatable on so many different levels regardless of ethnicity, gender, or environment.


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Watch the video for “Funk That” also taken from the album

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