Murakami & L​-​Smooth Mensah – “Ohio To Oklahoma” (O to O)

L-Smooth Mensah is a lyricist/ emcee that grew up in Midwest City, OK. L-Smooth excels in metaphors, storytelling as well as great punchlines in his music. L-Smooth has also been known to put on a memorable show. If you like original hip hop from an authentic artist that has carved his own lane, then you have definitely found one of your soon to be favorites.

L-Smooth Mensah connected with Murakami out of Dayton, Ohio to create a dope four track EP titled “Ohio To Oklahoma” (O to O). “Ohio To Oklahoma” (O to O) is a fire EP that reminds you of the glory days of hip hop.

Check out Murakami & L​-​Smooth Mensah EP “Ohio To Oklahoma” (O to O) and let us know your thoughts!!!

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